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Dudhwa National Park


The Dudhwa National Park is a national park in the Terai of Uttar PradeshIndia, and covers an area of 490.3 km2(189.3 sq mi), with a buffer zone of 190 km2 (73 sq mi). It is part of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve.[1] It is located on the Indo-Nepal border in the Lakhimpur Kheri District, and has buffer of reserved forest areas on the northern and southern sides. It represents one of the few remaining examples of a highly diverse and productive Terai ecosystem, supporting a large number of endangered species, obligate species of tall wet grasslands and species of restricted distribution.

Few reasons to visit Dudhwa Nationa Park: 

  • The only site for Rhino Re-intorduction. Meet these single hormed giants in open as in Assam.
  • Glimpse the National Animal- The Tiger in his kingdom--- Good Luck!!
  •  The only place to see 5 out of  7 species of deer found in India.
  • Maximum number of the Swamp  Deer, Hog Deer and the Hispid.
  • Home to the highly endangered and rare , the Bengal Florican as well as more than 450 species of bird.
  • The best quality of dense Sal forest now exsisting in India.
  • About 150 sq. km. of Elephant Grassland.
  • Network of 20 natural lakes supporting Birds and other aquatic fauna such as Indian otter and crocodile.
  • More than 3000 ANT-HILLS.
  • Nepal (Dhangarhi) only 25km, no Passport required for Indians.